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Have you seen this yet?

Heyo, readers!

There've been some major updates lately but the biggest news around town...

My second book, Sinful Pride (Of Beasts and Buzzards; Book Two) has an official cover!
On top of that, I'm announcing that this second title will be released this summer, June 2022!

(Just in time for my birthday! LOL What a great birthday present.)

Want to see the cover? Check it out for yourself below;

This beautiful cover was created by Inessa from Cauldron Press Designs. She's done amazing work not only with my second book but with the whole series. if you need a cover for your book, I highly recommend hiring her!


Sinful Pride is a great second installment to this M/M Paranormal Urban Fantasy series. It's full of action, adventure, magic, romance, humor - all wrapped up in one book.

"One Buzzard. One Beast. One Sleeping Beauty. Not even a kiss can save them…"

Hero or Traitor, an angel must face his past. Prince or Outcast, a demon must make peace with loss. But with great power, comes even deadlier enemies. Now, Zane and Sinohne must rely on each other to navigate the coming storm…or be lost in the tide.


Learn more about Sinful Pride by checking out the OBAB series page on my website!

Like what you see? Well, hold on to your hats because Fallen Virtue ALSO has a new cover, too!

Catch up on the series before June by getting your copy of Fallen Virtue, Here!

(For a signed copy, email at

I don't know about you but I can't wait to hold Sinful Pride in my hands once its out. And I hope you feel the same.

To stay up to date, Follow me on social media @therealrjbenson;

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Happy Reading!

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