Of Beasts and Buzzards

Ever wonder what's on the other side? If you like suspenseful, romantic, and dark novels then this series is for you.
Set in a world where Angels and Demons live side by side with humans, their worlds are on the brink of war but everyone has a motive and no one is who they seem...

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Fallen Virtue
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Fallen Virtue, Book 1

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"You're not what I expected."

In Cincinnati, Zane Verloren looks like he has everything; a promising music career, great friends and even a pretty face.


But, at Infernal Avarice, nothing is what it seems.


During a fateful encounter with Damaceous, an angel from the Powers Dominion,  Zane learns the truth; he's Fallen.


New realms filled with dreams and nightmares, love and ruin, unlock for the singer.

If Zane wants to survive, he must remember the first rule;


No Buzzards Allowed…

"Benson’s well-crafted story and dynamic relationships make for a promising series opener."


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Sinful Pride, Book 2

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD 2022

Sinful Pride is a great second installment to this series. It's full of action, adventure, magic, romance, humor - all wrapped up in one book.

A general is dead, a faction is massacred and at the heart of it all is Zane.

Roughly thrust into a new world—or an old one—he's labeled a traitor by some, a hero to others. Zane is now Justicar, with power to rival that of the High Counsel. But it's adapt or die--He must learn to control his newfound power before a rogue group of Warriors come after his head.

​Sinohne is caught behind enemy lines cloaking his devastation under a stone face. His lover is dead, his family...everyone he ever cared for is gone--except Zane. As the Ward’s Binding leads to consequences no one expected, not even him, is he still the wolf in sheep’s clothing, or has he become the crippled lamb?

Now, Zane and Sinohne must rely on each other as they navigate the upcoming storm together.


When a Fallen is caught in the cross hairs of an old enemy, wreaking havoc in the wilds of Montana, can Zane reach him in time?


Defiant Warrior, Book 3

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD 2022

Deviant Warrior is the third installment from the five-part series, exploding with action, dark romance and politically motivated enemies.

Upon returning to the heavenly realm, Ryse, the angel Zane rescued in Montana, is arrested. Using his authority as Justicar, Zane must navigate the political mine field of angelic law to save an innocent angel.

With his allies as dangerous as his enemies, Sinohne is losing the battle for Hell—his absence allowing the other factions to eagerly divide up his territories amongst themselves.

When the Band of Fallen mention rumors of a demon defecting from Wrath, Sinohne and Zane must track her down—finding her could be the key to winning the war and proving Ryse innocent.

Zane’s really caught in a mess this time—the Tribunal failed, Ryse is imprisoned, and now, Captain Aaryn is missing, too.

But as the Seraphim reveal their ancient secrets, will Zane be the one who needs rescuing this time?


Blinded Wrath, Book 4

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD

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Forsaken Throne, Book 5

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD

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