The Deviant Ones

This series is post-urban war set a couple hundred years into the future. Countries have broken into territory and class-based societies where the rulers are called Variants. Your power determines your fate, your life...even who you can love. Join me as I introduce a new world filled with drama, elemental abilities and romantic intrigue.

The Deviants Ones, Book 1

Will Be Available in E-book, Audio, and Print.

Release Date: JANUARY 2024

Lydia Redford had lived a sheltered life, sequestered behind the gates of her father's estate. The hidden daughter, the disgrace, the disappointment. But when her new powers emerge, her father devises his own cruel plans.


Lydia is forced to run to the one place she knows they won't follow--Weston Territory.

After suffering family tragedy, Mark Weston hid away from the world in the tiniest town his territory had to offer. When Lydia arrives seeking his help, Mark sees a chance at finally seeking vengeance.


Can Lydia's kind spirit break through to Mark's heart?


Or did she walk straight into the enemy's hand?