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Have you heard about this?

Heyo Readers!

Have you been by the website?

There's new updates recently; a total revamp of the design, new characters added to the Character Directory along with other new goodies to find!

We're on BookBub now!

"What's BookBub?" You ask?

BookBub is a great site to find reviews, recommendations, and great deals on books! It's a streamlined version of Goodreads, sorta like what Twitter is to Facebook.

Have you read Fallen Virtue yet? Don't worry! I have a great offer for you! Become a Patron and get exclusive access to a FREE e-book version of Fallen Virtue!

(Standard Plus and Above Only.)

You'll get access to new chapters of my novels, first looks at Fallen Virtue's adaptive graphic novel (coming soon), quick short stories with 1 min reads, outlines, character designs and more! As a patron, your name will be listed in the dedication of each novel going forward, and you'll be able to give real input to the author about merchandise, story, design, etc.!

…All for as little as $1 a month!

Click to download the PDF.

FallenVirtue; Freebie Give Away!
Download • 250KB

As a taste of what to expect, I'm letting anyone who reads this post have a FREE sample of my novel, Fallen Virtue!


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