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Official Cover Reveal!

The official cover release of my debut book, Fallen Virtue!

The release is still TBD but, check it out on AT BOSH Media.

This is the first book for my series, Of Beasts and Buzzards. The cover was created by Story Wrappers.

This begins the journey of Zane Verloren.

Zane is the lead musician for a house band in the city of Cincinnati.

Damaceous is an angel investigator from the Powers Dominion, sent to Earth to discover the truth behind the rise of local demonic activity.

From their fateful encounter, Zane learns the truth; he’s one of the Fallen.

New realms filled with dreams and nightmares, love and ruin, unlock for the singer. But if Zane wants to survive, he must remember the first rule; No Buzzards Allowed…

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