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40K and Counting!

Pride Asunder, the second book from the series, Of Beasts and Buzzards, is well on its way to being a finished first draft!

I'm looking at probably 60% finished with the second book, which is super exciting!

If you're interested in reading the latest chapters, please check them out my Patreon. The first two chapters are free to read! Keep in mind, they are still first drafts; the finished and edited product might be completely different. To read the rest, its simply a $1 a month. Pocket change, right? And, you'd help support your favorite new author. :)

You can also see more about the titles on my Books page, at I've got many different projects going for the series, including a new cover design for Book 1, Fallen Virtue, an informational booklet for the world I built and much more!

Happy Reading!

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