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New Beginnings with Bloody Endings!

Check out this excerpt from Chapter 1 of Fallen Virtue! 


A knife was drawn across her throat, skin splitting open. Blood sprayed over the sapphire gem before them and Beth screamed as she watched her friend’s body crumple to the ground. The bouncer, Dale, grabbed the phone out of her dead friend’s palm. He crushed it with one beefy hand, the screen cracking. “Ashley!” Beth cried. She dropped to her knees and reached for the body, shaking the other girl’s shoulders in a futile attempt to revive her. A pool of blood was already soaking beneath, the pink sparkles of Ashley’s dress turning maroon. She trembled, her despair setting in underneath the terror. They had been best friends, coming to the club for a girl’s night out. Guilt pitted in to her stomach. It had been her idea. For the three of them to have a good time. Beth had needed just one night away from her ridiculous job. “Oh, god. I’m so sorry,” she whispered, cradling Ashley’s head closer to her chest. Her own dress was becoming heavy from soaking in the blood. Beth was grateful their other friend, Katrina, had decided to go to the restroom rather than follow them. She wondered if they would ever see each other again as Dale came closer. Dale yanked at her arm and pulled Beth away from the body. She tried to protest but her heels slipped on the wet floor and his strength overpowered her with ease. The jewel on the stone altar began to glow, pulsing with an eerie blue light. A pale aura rose out of the body, a white orb shining at its center. Horrified, Beth used the distraction to get away from his grasp and moved until she was against the wall. She stared as the white orb was sucked into the jewel, her face leaching of color. Dale turned in her direction and she dashed to the door. She tried desperately to turn the knob with tears streaming down her face, blurring her vision. Her fingers slipped on the metal, still covered in blood. Beth glanced back, her blonde curls swinging across her face. Dale advanced with a menacing sneer, his eyes glinting in the blue glow. “Help! Please!” she yelled, banging on the door. Beyond the room, music blared. It would be impossible for anyone to hear her. She tried the handle again but the door was still locked. The bouncer behind her laughed. Beth twisted around, her lip trembling as cold metal was held against her throat. “Nowhere to turn…little human.” ~ Enjoy that? Great! 

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