Garrett a.k.a. Lt. Sinohne

First Appearance;  "Fallen Virtue"

Species; Demon

Age: Unknown

Faction; Pride

Talent; Drums, Speed

Favorite Food;

Sexual Orientation; Gay

Height; 6 Ft, 5 in.

Blood-type; Unknown

Garrett is our mysterious drummer for Internal Avarice's house band. He, Zane and Victor hang out outside of work, go to the gym but he is the calm, centered one of the group, keeping the other two and their hijinks under control.

Garrett is also the demon known as Lt. Sinohne of the Pride faction in Hell. But don't tell the others! Only angels can see through a demon's glamor.


The angels call him the "Silver Death." Sinohne presents a fearsome foe on the battle field, his strength only outmatched by his own speed,  a mere silver streak to the naked eye. He is the only demon to survive an encounter in battle with a Thrones angel, and has the scar down his side to prove it.

Unlike the rest of Pride, who have dark purple scylera, Sinohne's eyes are pitch black with white pupils. What could this mean?