This series follows the lives of angels and demons as they navigate romance and betrayal. Their worlds are on the brink of war but everyone has a motive and no one is who they seem. Each book will feature a different type of couple from gay to straight, disabled to transgender, breaking through the barrier of traditional romance novels.  The official release for ebook and paperback is TBD. Look for it @ ATBOSH Media, The Agency Press!

Fallen Virtue
Fallen Virtue, Book 1

Will Be Available in E-book and Paperback. Audio will be available TBD after release.

Release Date: January 15, 2020

"You're not what I expected."

In Cincinnati, Zane Verloren looks like he has everything; a promising music career, great friends and even a pretty face.


But, at Infernal Avarice, nothing is what it seems.


During a fateful encounter with Damaceous, an angel from the Powers Dominion,  Zane learns the truth; he's Fallen.


New realms filled with dreams and nightmares, love and ruin, unlock for the singer.

If Zane wants to survive, he must remember the first rule;


No Buzzards Allowed…


Pride Asunder, Book 2

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD

The Dominions Falter…And the Factions Divide

Betrayed by his superiors, Ryse has wandered the Earth as a Fallen for three hundred years...a drifter with no purpose, no home, filled with anger and regret.

When a sexy Park Ranger walks into his bar, Ryse thinks he found a new purpose.

But when an angel from his past attacks, trying to kidnap the Fallen, those plans are dashed. Ryse must escape at all costs.

Roza, a park ranger, is trying to live a quiet life after the tragedies she's endured. While out hiking the trails, she discovers Ryse, bloodied, by the river shore.

Ryse awakens, entangling her in an adventure where both their lives...and love...hang in the balance!


Coming Soon


Warrior Rising, Book 3

Will be available in E-Book and Paperback

Release Date: TBD

Lines were drawn.

The Tribunal failed. Hell is mired in chaos as its leader’s clash in civil war.

Sinohne cannot face the Legion alone. He must turn to the one being who can stand against their might;



With new revelations about his past, Sinohne may not be prepared to face his creator.

Zane is torn between two worlds, but with all his power, his confidence wanes. He has done nothing but fail at every opportunity.

When it matters most, will Zane finally rise to the occasion?