Commander Jophiel
Angel of Beauty in Life

First Appearance;  "Fallen Virtue"

Species; Angel

Age: unknown

Dominion; Virtues

Rank: Commander (General), Seraphim (former)

Talent; Education, Healing

Sexual Orientation; ????

Height; 7 Ft.

Blood-type; Unknown


Commander Jophiel. This is one formidable angel. She formerly held a seat on the High Council as a Seraphim, the highest and most powerful rank in angelic society, before Jophiel decided to step down and return to her first love--educating and raising the younglings.

Out of respect for her former title, the angels refer to her as Commander rather than General. Jophiel is the one to go to when your feeling blue. She always has a kind word or wise reprimand to help motivate those around her.


Make no mistake, Jophiel is not called the "Angel of Beauty in Life" for nothing. She is one of the most gorgeous beings to ever grace your sight. And with an optimistic and fierce personality behind it, you'd be hard pressed to find a better person.


Comm. Jophiel is often the easiest to spot in a group. She is seven feet tall, rivalling all her male counterparts. Her wings are gold with a shimmer of gold flakes that cascade from her every movement. But because of her past as Seraphim, her power is beyond our ability to measure, and her eyes are the color of an un-settling pure gold, shimmering and swirling like molten metal.